Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Training School – Marcella McMahon Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression Training – Basic and Advanced options

Basic Past Life Regression Training

Location: Online Training
The basic training course can be done in the privacy of your home as it is all online.

Prerequisites: Reading Required, previous hypnosis training and practice
Program Hours: 25
Investment: Course cost plus books

You will learn:

  • Client intake and pre-hypnosis Discussion
  • Observation Queues
  • Past Life Regression Techniques
  • Age Regression
  • Regression to Womb
  • Use of Guides and other Spirit Helpers
  • Death Experience Ease Transition
  • Releasing Past Life Traumas
  • Post Session Method
  • Integration Techniques
  • Best Recording Practices

Advanced Past Life Regression Training

Location: Live Dates Announced
Live dates – TBD

Prerequisite: Basic Past Life Regression, one case study, practice on at least 10 clients
Program Hours: 35
Investment:  Course Cost plus travel, lodging and meals

You will Learn:

  • Advanced Past Life Regression Techniques
  • Getting to the Client’s Highest Self
  • Advanced Releasing Past Life Traumas
  • How to Overcome Practitioner Stumbling Blocks
  • Future Progression
  • Integration Techniques 
  • Advanced Clearing Blocks Techniques
  • Phone Sessions
  • Clear Your Own Past Life Issues
  • Work with Your Peers

This program is a combination of various components including:

  • live training
  • online
  • homework
  • case studies
  • videos and audios
  • paired experiences

This Past Life Regression training is a wonderful addition to standard hypnotherapy practice and a valuable precursor to Life Between Lives therapist training. 


Registration investment does not include travel, housing or meals.

    Past Life Regression Practitioner Training

Course Instructor – Marcella McMahon

Marcella began teaching about dreams and past lives in the late 1980s when in 1996 she received her Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist title under a 300 hour training program.  The program itself was very standard Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Her desire to explore the spiritual side of life started very young. She had her first past life memory before she was school age.

So it was natural for her to explore past lives along with many other spiritual things. She is a natural teacher who empowers students to be themselves while guiding them to understand the methods developed throughout the years. 

It wasn’t for at least a decade that she even found others who practiced Past Life Regression. Since that time, she has trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton’s TNI non-profit institute and Dolores Cannon’s QHHT.

Dr. Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

If you are looking to extend your training to include Dr. Michael Newton’s LBL (Life Between Lives) practice, you will see that TNI (The Newton Institute) has set specific criteria a practitioner must achieve prior to their training.