Healing Old Hurts


This message is energetically embedded with healing for all who read it and wish to accept it.

(Revised to not contain any specific information)
Marcella, Could you please send me healing or prayers as I am feeling so down again. More than 10 years ago my husband left me just before Christmas for another woman who he got pregnant. It devastated me. I’m now happily remarried so it doesn’t make sense but this holiday time of the year got me again. The depression is so heavy and I’m sick with a sore throat. Love, Sally

Sally, for you and others who have experienced a trauma emotional moment, I would recommend you call your energy back from that day he told you. I like to see it as golden droplets of our own soul essence that have been cleaned and cleared of any of the trauma. Feel it go into your body. Then call back all your energy across time and space. Any lifetime that has a match or a complementary link to what needs healing can clear as well as anything you are ready to heal.

Once you’ve pulled back your healed energy, you can take a moment and talk to that younger you and tell her that all is well now and that she doesn’t have to stay stuck in the past trauma. Ask her if she is willing to come back to you and integrate completely into the now with your wonderful husband. Tell her that no matter what she can trust your own heart to always love her. Tell her how loving and lovable she is no matter who else acknowledges it. Keep asking her (even if it takes several tries on different occasions) until you feel the full integration of her. It is like all the threads that are woven together to create a blanket and should sparkle feeling throughout your entire body sometimes feels like a wave of energy.

At the soul level we are never a victim. It is important to feel all the feelings and not shove down any anger (which is so often frowned upon in the spiritual communities). But we must allow the feeling to come and feel it fully then to move through it to the point where we can find either the lesson or our own Soul’s reason for creating the event.

Sally, your sore throat may be indicative of you not voicing your true feelings. Check to see if you have processed all the anger. It sounds like you have a wonderful loving relationship in the now and that would be a good reason to create the other leaving your life. It is also the belief that everyone fails/disappoints you that can keep attracting the same lesson in different clothes to you. Feel that energetic block lifting now so that you can step into the reality you truly wish to live. You are loveable.

Much healing, much love and much joy to you all!

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