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Dr. Brian Weiss

I’m so grateful to Dr. Brian Weiss for so many things. He is a truly kind, loving man who was bold enough to risk his career as a Psychiatric Physician when he and his client who both didn’t believe in past lives stumbled on the amazing healing aspects to reviewing a past life.  He has spent his last several decades seeing clients, writing books on the subject of Past Life Regression and teaching.  However, he no longer sees clients on a one-on-one basis, but you can attend a one day workshop with him.

He has been an amazing mentor and teacher to me who I respect immensely.  His practitioner Past Life Regression training at the Omega Institute is so uplifting and transforming on a personal level I highly recommend it. You end up spending a week in trance basically! Plus you are likely to meet up with people you’ve had past lives with.   After attending his training on numerous occasions, I can say many students walk away not feeling capable of opening a practice. Since he requires no previous hypnosis training, I can understand how they may feel this way. Nonetheless, I still recommend the training as it truly is personally transforming and educational.

If you are looking to become a Past Life Regression Practitioner, I would recommend getting certified in hypnotherapy and taking additional Past Life Regression training.

I had been practicing Past Life Hypnosis for years when I saw Dr. Weiss’ on the Oprah show regressing Dr. Oz.  I knew no other hypnotherapist doing past life regression.  Before I even knew what he was talking about when I saw his face on TV, I heard my guide say, “You must study with him.” So honestly I didn’t even know his story, nor had I ever read the book Many Lives Many Masters when I was at his practitioner training.  It was the fourth day of the five day training before I realized his book title was truly meaning Ascended Masters. I had worked with some Ascended Masters in the dream state, but never thought about using hypnosis to contact them. 

Dr. Weiss does not endorse or give a list of referrals.  If you are looking to have a session with a past life practitioner you may find this article helpful.

I highly recommend reading these Dr. Weiss books:

Or Try His Meditation