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Healing Old Hurts

This message is energetically embedded with healing for all who read it and wish to accept it. Question(Revised to not contain any specific information)Marcella, Could you please send me healing or prayers as I am feeling so down again. More than 10 years ago my husband left me just before Christmas for another woman who […]

Hypnosis in Layman’s Terms

What is Hypnosis?Hypnosis is focused concentration with relaxation. It is a natural state we go in and out of several times a day. Most people are not aware of this true definition of hypnosis. Examples of our natural hypnotic state include: Watching a movie and focusing so intensely that you are not distracted by external […]

Ask Marcella – Karma and Intention

Original Date Published:  May 17, 2011 Question on Karma and Intention Hi M, I have a question/thought to pass by you. Could the Lords of Karma be intertwined with the random thoughts that float into our subconscious & if tapped create (karmic) experiences? Which is why Intention becomes so important? Marcella’s Answer – Intention and […]

Ask Marcella – Prayer

Original Date Published:  Date Published:  May 18, 2011Question: Praying for PeopleMarcella, My son is going through some crazy growing pains I pray for him so much … Does this mean that my intentions through prayer will be answered for him? Answer: Intention through PrayerHi L –Intention through prayer does send out vibration and can help […]

Benefits of Hypnosis

The benefits of hypnosis are vast.  Here is a long, yet only partial, list of what hypnosis transforms.  Your subconscious mind has a wealth of information for your benefit. Tap into it and feel better today and into the future. Self-Awareness Substance Abuse Study Habits Finding Personal Life Mission  Fears Phobias Insomnia Nail Biting Pain […]