Ask Marcella – Q: What do you do?

Q: Marcella, can you explain how your stuff works. (From a long-time friend)

You asked about how my stuff works…I’m an energy healer and intuitive and hypnotherapist. I help people any way I can. I don’t know how to explain it without a 10 min phone call, so all my marketing stuff isn’t really up. LOL I just know I get to watch miracles happen for people every day.

I trust that the people who come to me are sent because they know they need whatever I have to offer. I’m not religious, but believe in a higher power/collective consciousness/higher-self/universal power (or whatever one wants to call it).

My best analogy for what I do is a garden hose. I’m the hose. Spirit/God/Universe, or whatever you call it, is  the water. People are plants. Plants need water. Some plants, without a hose/sprinklers, don’t get watered and wither. People call on me when they need water that isn’t naturally being offered. Sometimes we hit dry conditions (i.e., hard times). I’m nothing special; there are many hoses.

My job is to keep my hose un-kinked and free of debris. So I have a perpetual job of working on myself to be un-gunked. LOL. Well, that may not really explain what I do to you, but it’s the best I’ve got. Nothing special, but I can bring messages from Angels and Deceased loved ones if my hose is clear. And run energetic repairs for lifelong issues (and even past life issues), and guide people through hypnosis experiences.

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