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Original Date Published:  Date Published:  May 18, 2011

Question: Praying for People
Marcella, My son is going through some crazy growing pains I pray for him so much … Does this mean that my intentions through prayer will be answered for him?

Answer: Intention through Prayer
Hi L –
Intention through prayer does send out vibration and can help someone to transform, but only if that is the desire of his higher self.

I’m using the term prayer and by that I mean it in any way you choose.  Prayer need not be on bent knee – you can walk and pray, speak in tongues, meditate or any other means. Prayer is sending out messages to God/Source/Buddha/The Universe or whatever word you use.

Let’s talk about prayer for other people here for a minute. Prayer does affect people and sometimes does not help them if it is not their soul’s desire.

We all have our own desired path and lessons we chose to come here to learn.

It is one thing to pray for an outcome and a totally different to pray for the highest good for someone. When praying for a specific outcome, I ask a person’s permission before I pray for them. If the person is spinning out of control (i.e., drugs etc.) or in a place where I can’t communicate with them physically, I go into a meditative state and ask them at a soul level. If you do this, be content with the answer if it is “no” to let it go.

My most common method to “pray” for someone is to simply focus on the energy of Divine Love (pure source / God energy) sending them this Divine Love energy to use for their highest and best good – whatever that means and however they choose to use it is not my business no matter how much I think I know what’s best for them or how much I love them.

And we should also talk about energy. When we love someone so much we often send a piece of us to them. We do this out of love, but unfortunately it does not help them and it doesn’t help us. As a matter of fact, it effects both parties. Some of the feelings may include feeling off, depressed, feeling out of control, feeling lost, or incompleteness. If these feelings are occurring, soul retrieval may be necessary. Competent hypnotherapist or shamanic healers or meditations would bet the resource for soul retrieval.

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