Month: October 2013

Hypnosis in Layman’s Terms

What is Hypnosis?Hypnosis is focused concentration with relaxation. It is a natural state we go in and out of several times a day. Most people are not aware of this true definition of hypnosis. Examples of our natural hypnotic state include: Watching a movie and focusing so intensely that you are not distracted by external […]

Ask Marcella – Karma and Intention

Original Date Published:  May 17, 2011 Question on Karma and Intention Hi M, I have a question/thought to pass by you. Could the Lords of Karma be intertwined with the random thoughts that float into our subconscious & if tapped create (karmic) experiences? Which is why Intention becomes so important? Marcella’s Answer – Intention and […]

Ask Marcella – Prayer

Original Date Published:  Date Published:  May 18, 2011Question: Praying for PeopleMarcella, My son is going through some crazy growing pains I pray for him so much … Does this mean that my intentions through prayer will be answered for him? Answer: Intention through PrayerHi L –Intention through prayer does send out vibration and can help […]